The Access-Database "PC-Tipps-Verwaltung":

Download: on inquiry, in the MS-Access97-Format or Access2000-Format, Access2002-Format, Access2003-Format, Access2016-Format: E-mail at
Other formats (only table): DBase, Excel,... on inquiry: E-mail

This is the Access97-Database (now Access2016 64bit), from which these tips come.
The tips are stored in a Access table.
The built-in one full-text-seeks, name, hyperlink, looks for remark all fields (category), from and filters the table afterwards. Access-Datenbank

A click on the button "info" opens a window, in that further info are written down:
Magazine statements
Date input automatically
elaborate description
Operation system
Software/Hardware/Info as well as tip
Evaluation as well as grade from 0 to 10, sees picture
Remark and storage space

Info window menus

further features:
Printout entire or filtered
Printout entire or search result

Printout of empty forms for hand entries (... to use by reading a magazine)
Empty form for hand entries

Update with a second Database, self programmed replication.
Balance with wide database

Opens and storage of individual tips in Notepad, if Notepad.exe is not found, becomes alternative after Wordpad.exe, then sought after Winword.exe. If no one of the programs be found then the datafile is stored as *.txt
open Tip in Notepad.exe

If several tips become opened as well as saved, so these datafiles are numbered automatically: CPCT0000.txt, CPCT0001.txt, etc.... so that older data files are not entitled.