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T I P P - Einträge Virus Boot sector virus removes: PC cold start with virenfreie floppy disk, then Fdisk / mbr", then PC turns off.
System: DOS

Source: PCWelt 98/07 page 264, last update 10.05.2000
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Systemnumber for request: Boots00610
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T I P P - Einträge Virus Several Virenscanner install? fundamental is not recommended this. if a new anti virus program is installed, should the old completely deinstalliert become.
In any case, 2 or several Guards (background scanner) actively never should be simultaneous. even if several Guards work parallel fortunately without colliding, the operating system is placed by it lamentably.
The same is applicable also to Firewalls: only one installs!
System: Win95 Win98 WinME Win2000 WinXP WinNT

Source: Claude's Tipps, last update 13.11.2005
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Systemnumber for request: Meher05892
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T I P P - Einträge Virus Virenschutz, it is preventive measures for the protection against viruses also like in the correct life the best in the EDP if it gets not at all only an infection. and if however, you should be at least prepared.
The following tips, that are essentially cut Windows and/or on PCs with DOS as operating system, help you with it. you partly leave yourself figurative also on other systems, however.
--You manufacture regularly, at least weekly, better daily, backup copies of your important data at. co a current backup in the wardrobe sees you all dangers essentially calmer, not more lighthearted, contrary to.
Protect several protection stands on the last backup sentence could also be already infected.--you position an emergency floppy disk, from which you can boats if necessary.
Resident viruses partially only can discover namely and become distant, if the computer of a' clean' floppy disk became gebootet.
--Installs you an anti virus software, that runs in the background and oversees all file accesses (On-Access-Scanner), on your computer.
You should this anti virus software monthly, rather weekly, updates (Update), so that also newer viruses can be discovered.....--you don't open any data files, whose origin is not doubt-freely serious.
This, that you from the internet, independently from it, cover, especially, but not only, for data files, is valid whether you she/it the IRC per e-mail, from a Newsgroup, or per WWW or FTP-Download got.
--Trojan horses is virtually labeled especially gladly also Original-CD-ROMs forced in the IRC as games or Utilities and - floppy disks can contain viruses.
Therefore test also these just as carefully as other volumes before the use. CD-ROMs from magazines and such that is distributed as free advertising means is tested usually less carefully, before they are brought afloat.
--You don't open any data files without having tested her/it/them with an anti virus program. this especially is Access (PowerPoint) applicable to documents of M'S Word and all other MS-Office applications (Excel). macro viruses can contain these.
For these, particular anti virus programs are to be recommended, that are specialized on macro viruses. not known macro viruses can recognize these by typical characteristics also up to now.
--You don't open any HTML-formatierten e-mails, you turn off corresponding options in your e-mail program. here Script-Viren can hide.
This involves above all, but not only, users of M'S outlook and M'S internet Explorer, specifically. if both are installed.
--Places you in the BIOS-Setup Ihres PCs the boot sequence of" C, A" or" C only", so that doesn't become inadvertently gebootet from an infected floppy disk.
--You remove the write protection of your floppy disks only when you want to write data files on it. write-protected floppy disks cannot be infected.
--Goes NT you into the internet, if you are registered as users with administrator rights, never:' administrator', Unix:' root, Novell:' supervisor'. you furnish an user with drastically restricted rights for it.
Alternatively is attacks of most different type, opened through Trojan horses, door and gate, for example, since the same rights as you have these.
--You inform yourself about security gap in your internet software, including the operating system. ~~~~~~~~~~+ sources: TU-Berlin (http://www.tu-berlin.de)
Source: Internet, last update 13.11.2005
Program or Website language: german
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Systemnumber for request: Viren05891
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