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T I P P - Einträge Communication _Communication, definition: communications, lat. communicare; shares, tells, lets participate; common does, unifies, marks the reciprocal exchange of thoughts on the human everyday level in language, writing or picture.
Communications is the reciprocal conveying in the extended sense from data or from signals that has a defined meaning content also between not-human creatures, objects or systems.
The concept is narrowly relative with that of the interaction, these concepts are even synonymously in many areas, especially then, if reciprocity is presupposed for the communication concept. sources: Wkikipedia
Source: Claude's Tipps, last update 13.07.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Communication Deutsche Buchstabier-Alphabet: Anton, Berta, Caesar, Dora, Emil, Friedrich, Gustav, Heinrich, Ida, Julius, merchant, Ludwig, Marta, North pole, Otto, Paula, sources, Richard, Samuel, Theodor, Ulrich, Viktor, Wilhelm, Xanthippe, Ypsilon, Zacharias.
The International like follows: alpha, bravo, Charly delta echo, foxtrot, golf, hotel, India, Juliett, kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oskar, dad, Quebeck, Romeo, sierra, tango, uniform, Viktor, whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu.
Source: Claude's Tipps, last update 10.01.2007
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T I P P - Einträge Communication One Bridge Mobile Groupware of Extended system mobile a platform for the integration of mobile applications as well as the management of the mobile appliances. The solution supports the exchange of e-mails and PIM-Daten, personnel piece of information managers, between each mobile terminal and Microsoft Exchange servers as well as IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. One bridge lets Groupware furthermore widened mobile for industry-specific solutions and offers matching units for Unternehmenssoftware from SAP or Siebel, for example. The connection can over each cable-draws lots TCP/IP-fähigen canal over GSM, GPRS, WLAN or also UMTS, for example, is produced.
The system protects the information through a combination from asymmetrical and symmetrical encoding without intermediate storage of the data outside the personal data memory. The figurative data are encoded symmetrically with 128 bits on basis of the AES-Algorithmus. The platform supports also a 2 brute user authentication, radius authentication, Secure ID as well as DMZ Proxy beside it.
Sources: http://www.zdnet.de/mobile/wireless /
Source: Internet, last update 05.10.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Communication Push-E-Mail: If the concept fells Push-E-Mail for mobile terminals, everyone thinks of Research at Blackberry in motion immediately. Actually the American business recognized the climbing inquiry after solutions, that make the automatic delivery of electronic news possible on mobile terminals, early and occupied the market successfully: The Americans announced beginning of May that the number of the delivered Blackberrys crossed the 3 million frontier. The fast accrual of the Blackberry-Nutzer, in February 2004, it was first one million, the high inquiry after Push-E-Mail shows.
Sources: http://www.zdnet.de/mobile/wireless /
Source: Internet, last update 06.10.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Communication SIM-Lock: with the SIM-Lock trades it about a simple Sperrfunktion of the Handys for itself. It should prevent that you buy a Prepaid-Angebot with card and Handy with a supplier and then use the card of another supplier.
If you put in an E-Plus-Karte into your Vodafone-Handy with active SIM-Lock, for example, this is not accepted. they cannot speak on the phone with your Handy and this card.
That is not farther disturbingly in the normal case either, finally you have a matching ticket for your Handy. you would like to change maybe the supplier, however, and would like to have to the SIM-Lock entsperren to it. in this case, you require an Entsperrcode.
Such codes admittedly circulate also again and again in the internet and should free-switch supposedly all possible SIM-Locks gratuitously, that possibly is not, however, technical.
You get the only usable freely switch code with your present mobile radio supplier. #SIM-Lock gratuitously free-switches: should have you already longer than two years your Prepaid-Handy, then, you can free-switch it gratuitously.
From alone, however, this doesn't work. you must turn to your mobile radio supplier equally like with a premature Entsperrung. #SIM-Lock prematurely free-switches: maybe would like to get rid of you the tiresome SIM-Lock already earlier, however.
Or you bought an used Handy with SIM-Lock and would like this entsperren. also that is possible, it costs however barely 100 Euro. one therefore should consider well oneself, whether not afterall little one one wants to wait.
#So is lifted the SIM-Lock: with all four network operators can get you the Entsperrcode over the Service-Hotline. with Vodafone, this also works over the internet side.
You were supposed to have bought your Prepaid-Handy over a service provider - for example MobilCom, Debitel or Talkline -, you turn to this, in order to find out, where you get your Entsperrcode in the individual.
In order to get the code, you must declare different data according to suppliers, according to telephone number or address. with all mobile radio operators, however, you require the IMEI-Nummer of the Handys.
You quite simply can these over the Secret-Code * #06 #interrogates - however only, if a working card is inlaid in the Handy. it becomes problematic if they bought a Handy with SIM-Lock and the IMEI-Nummer don't know.
Then, the joy should pass fast at the Handy for you. you therefore should buy a Handy in principle never without letting itself/themselves give the IMEI-Nummer. this often stands also in the given records or on a sticker in the Handy.
Before you therefore now break out in panic, you look there once again. if you have all necessary data together, you can apply for your Entsperrcode near the Hotline. you then get him/it sent, for example per SMS or per mail.
If you wanted to free-switch your Handy before the 2 period of one year, must transfer you furthermore the accruing amount or must load on your present Prepaid-Karte. with Vodafone, you still must put in a ransom application additionally.
Get your Entsperrcode, you first put the new SIM-Karte into your Handy and switch it on. you then get finally the SIM-Lock is active a reference, that the card is not recognized, as well.
Now, you can input the Entsperrcode and are lifted the SIM-Lock.
Source: Claude's Tipps, last update 17.12.2005
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