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Other auction-houses than eBay

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T I P P - Einträge Auction_other Auction and backwards auction: one distinguishes two forms of on-line auctions, namely the" normal" auction and the" lapels auction", named also" backwards auction" in principle.
At the normal auction, the salesperson pretends a start order and a run time in normally. whoever handed over the highest order in the end gets the contract.
In the course of the auction, all bidders are informed per e-mail about the current order and can so quite simply lift the" virtual arm", in which also she/it. per e-mail. her/its/their order increases.
This is the special attraction, to which also already some readers certainly succumbed to. however examinations show that one comes not inevitably more inexpensive to the wished ware at such auctions.
Moreover some salespersons drive the prices through fictitious order upward, and in addition on-line auctions are not legally binding how lately a German court decided.
There is problems also with the performance guarantee not least, because either the salesperson or the buyer must go in presentation and must deliver the ware as well as must pay. here a trusteés account often helps, on which where one deposits the purchase amount.
The salesperson only gets his/its money if the ware entered with the buyer, and he/it the organizer of the auction over it informed.
In the B2B-Bereich, auction", that is comparably with an announcement, especially is interesting the so-called" lapel. here a business gives a price for a certain contingent, for example
1000 tons of methanol, before, and the supplier with the most favorable offer finally gets the contract under observance of decided constraints like delivery period, purity, etc
The handling expels similar problems been described on, as with the private auctions, even if the participants are namely known in normally here and her/its/their identity is tested in the advance in order to avoid abuses.
Because before nothing, big concerns have more fear than before fictitious offers of smart students or students, who afford itself a bad joke.
The auction platforms are financed in normally over low commissions for the turnover of an auction or through advertising revenues. in the following one, five suppliers of on-line auctions are introduced in more detail.
It is only a small drawing selection of all suppliers. sources: Dr. Torsten Beyer, Saarbrücken / http://www.laborshop.de/News/CLB0011.html
Source: Internet, last update 08.09.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Auction_other Auctions: legal status in Germany also at internet auctions comes about, (BGHZ 149, 129), a valid contract in principle.
However these auctions are not auctions in the sense of § 156 BGB in all the rule since no surcharge takes place. internet auctions don't become No. from the exception of the § 312d paragraph 4 consequently
5 BGB grasps. therefore a retraction right is entitled consumers in principle, who finished a far away sentence contract this way with an entrepreneur, judgment of the BGH of November 3 2004, Az. VIII ZR 375/03.
As well it is not about an auction in the sense of the § 34b GewO because of which one doesn't require any official permission to the organizing of online auctions. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 08.09.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Auction_other Auction models: frequent is fixed a minimum price as well as a certain time border at internet auctions. within this Zeitrahmens, order can be handed over. whoever handed over the highest bid to the end won.
An alternative is the so-called Dutch auction: on this occasion fixes a price the salesperson, the gradual one is lowered. the contract comes about with the first bidder. auction houses, that use this model, are Azubo and Tireto, for example.
With all types, it is valid in normally that no costs occur for the bidder with the auction computer run. the salesperson usually takes over the accruing dues. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 08.09.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Auction_other Auction variations: auctions can be classified after different criterions:
--one-sided versus bilateral auctions:
At one-sided auctions, only from potential buyers or only from sale prospects are either handed over to order. at bilateral auctions, both buyers as well as salespersons offer, and matching order are brought together.
An example for a bilateral auction is a stock exchange.
--auctions with open versus such with masked order: participants of an open auction, which order will hand over until now, possibly doesn't know from whom, however.
The classic auction is an open auction. participants of a masked auction hand over her/its/their order without this knowledge, for example in a locked cover.
--open auctions can be ascending or descending:
at the known English auction becomes, from an assigned minimum price incipient, ascending order handed over, until no more new order arrives. the last bidder gets the contract.
This variation is suitable for individual objects and is possible also in the internet nowadays; the knownest platform is eBay. additional it gives it however also numerous other platforms.
For the German market alone, there is at the moment over 100 auction platforms.
--the Dutch auction, in which amounts are named from above down, see also:
Langedijk near Alkmaar (NL), where one can visit an interesting auction museum of this type, until a first accepts this offer.
This variation is suitable with several homogeneous articles, like approximately tobacco harvest pile, since she/it goes faster off. this variation of the auction is also in the internet at the moment possible.
Also the price fixing at the stock exchange cycle of the search engine of Google took place after this procedure.
--auctions can finally fix the payment streams differently.
At the ridge Price Sealed Bid - auction shares a masked order each Nachfrager. the best order gets the contract, and the winner does a payment in height of his/its order.
--With the Second Price Sealed Bid-Auktion (secondary price auction) or also Vickrey-Auktion, the topmost bidder also gets the contract, pays only in height of the most second-highest order, however.
The advantage of this auction over her/it above named exists, that it is advantageous for bidders here to hand over an order for this to auctioning property in height of her/its/their true esteem, wä
hrend she/it with the First-Price-Auktion low, in order to have another profit in the case of the surcharge, will offer.
--single auction versus combinational auction:
If several different goods stand by the sale, an auction can admit order, that offer a price for several goods in her/its/their totality. this type of auction is called combinational auction.
She/it has the advantage that not bidders the risk, only a part worthless for her/it/them the goods required by them, to buy, exposed is.
Her/its/their disadvantage is that the winner investigation is more complicated than at the classic single auction.
--The announcement still is furthermore, lapels auction, mentions with which the Nachfrager might have produced a performance and undercuts suppliers for itself for the Erbringung of this performance in the price.
Bid Auction can be exported the lapels of Auction as English auction, Dutch auction, ridge Price Sealed Bid Auction or also Second Price Sealed. these auctions are possible also in the internet meanwhile.
--As special form is the American auction to be still mentioned, that i.d.R. in favor of nonprofit purposes is executed. each bidder pays the balance between his/its order and the predecessor order with her in each case immediately.
With help of this auction form, revenues often are achieved, that far over the value the to auctioning object lies.
--The Calcutta bet type, that was invented at horse races in Calcutta, is in the USA in particular auction one and liked the countries of the British Empire. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 08.09.2005
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T I P P - Einträge Auction_other Internet auction (definition): an internet auction is an auction organized over the internet. knownest organizer of internet auctions is eBay.
After taken place auction, the transfer of the ware takes place in normally on the delivery way; is paid per remittance mostly, COD or over third-party suppliers like PayPal. auction (definition):
An auction (also auction) is a special form of the price investigation. order will share with and/or potential buyers salespersons on that occasion.
The auction mechanism certain, which of the submitted order get the contract, and defines the payment streams between the involved parties. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 08.09.2005
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