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Tips PC WELT 02/2023 Content:
* Off for your Windows? Support for some versions will soon end - so your system will still be up to date
* Technology trends 2023. The innovations of the year in processors, SSDs, displays, interfaces, WLAN and much more.
* Hidden Windows features. How to unlock secret features for free
* Virus Alert: Every minute counts. With these six steps, you can react quickly and appropriately to an acute virus attack on your PC
* Immediate help drivers. Solve common driver problems quickly and easily
* Safely scan mail attachments. Email is the most common gateway for viruses
* Find any file in a flash. The Windows search: you only have to set the function correctly once
* Keypass tips and tricks. You will find numerous useful features in the password manager menus
* Save electricity with the Fritzbox. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the router
* Surf safely with VPN. Surf the Internet anonymously, use public WiFi without risk
* Fritzbox VPN even better. With Fritz-OS 7.50, the router supports the lean and fast Wireguard protocol
* Smart thermostats. This saves you heating costs. The models at a glance
* Enjoy Messenger content on PC
* Pictures per description. With these programs, images can only be created with the help of a descriptive text
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Tips PC WELT 03/2023 Content:
* Windows without shackles. Away with increasingly strict Microsoft regulations: From now on, Windows is all yours!
* Feature update for Windows 10. Upgrade what Microsoft forgot in the fall update
* 5 myths about security tools. Why VPN, incognito mode & Co. protect less than you think
* Immediate help wifi repeater. Use repeaters optimally and solve problems in the network immediately
* Transfer files safely. Send confidential documents or messages securely over the Internet.
* Built-in security. Microsoft has equipped Windows with a variety of security functions, such as the new Smart App Control UPS for home. Protection against PC blackouts: A comparison of power strips and UPS
* This is new in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. The new browser versions not only close security gaps, but also always come up with all sorts of new functions
* File Commander 22 Basic. With the file commander on DVD, you not only have your files under control - the program also comes with additional functions and direct access
* Secure backup. Everything about backup strategies, where hidden dangers lurk and how to minimize them
* PC quieter & stronger. A new CPU cooler makes less noise and increases PC performance. Find the right model and install it
* Electricity: What PC & Co. cost. The practical test on electricity costs and important tips for saving energy
* Android and iOS. Both operating systems can be used together
These are the topics in the new PC-WELT XXL 3/2023 Emergency Handbook 2023
* Windows 11: Rescue and Repair
* Secure system and data
* Protect network & hardware
* Safe on the Internet
* Help workshops for Windows 11
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Tips PC WELT 04/2023: Content
* Windows Insider Tools. Prevent crashes, close security gaps, fix hardware errors
* Find any serial number. How to get lost or hidden license keys
* Virus protection for 2023. 14 security programs on the test bench.
* No more spam calls. With Tellows do not disturb you can identify and block spam calls
* Fast WLAN help thanks to router information. Find the right information for troubleshooting in the WLAN.
* Free hardware check. If the PC is troubling, a thorough function check is recommended. With these tools, the cause can be found quickly
* What is written about you on the Internet? How hackers find your private data and photos
* Emergency NAS. Tips and troubleshooting for optimal setup and customization of your NAS system
* New Microsoft tool simplifies PC tuning. With the new PC manager from Microsoft you increase speed and performance, stability and security
* Send large files. When it comes to sending large packets of data, Mail is not an option. Specialized online services and some tools are suitable for this
* Firefox protects data and privacy. The advantages and strengths of the well-known surfing program from Mozilla compared to the competition from Chrome & Co.
* Decrypt USB-C. The Type-C interface explained
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Tips PC WELT 05/2023''': Content
* Windows system tuning. Professional tricks & tools for a permanently fast and lean system
* Operate Windows easily. Tuning for Start Menu & Explorer: Hidden functions make working with Windows easier
* Fast PC in 8 steps. Tips and tricks that optimize every computer immediately
* The best special tools from Avira, Norton & Co. against attacks
* How to solve Uefi problems. Trouble with Secure Boot: This helps if the PC no longer starts
* Secure, easy & immediately online without a password. Instead of many passwords, a single PIN, finger scan or face recognition is sufficient for Fido 2
* IPv6 with Fritzbox & Co. The new IP protocol in the home network and for remote access and VPN
* Virtual desktops: More space and order.
* Sandbox for PC viruses. How to test software in a protected environment
* Chat GPT. Read what the chatbot can do and how best to use it
* No more MP3 chaos! More order in your MP3 collection
* Linux versus Windows.
* Smartphone remote assistance. With these tools, you can access cell phone remotely
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